HP 870K Leakage Current Clamp Meter

digital voltmeter 3 phase, dual display ac

Clamp Multimeter Ac Dc Voltage

Features 9: Wholesale clamp. Measuring voltage range: 600vDc current testing range : 0.00ma-600a (50/60hz automatic). 200~20m. Korea electric power. Light test. Test ranges:  : 600uf/6000uf. Wholesale 3.0x loupe. Dcm60l. 5-35diy. 0~1000a ac. 0.00-750v. 18.8*6.5*3.2cm. Dc 117. Appa a18 plus. Model: Test mode: 

H Clamp

Ut58c digital multimeter. 23.5x6.3x3.4cm. 225mmx84mmx33mm. 250*85*35mm. Wholesale clips alligator. Power: Prova-2009. Digital frequency and clamp multimeter. Electrical lcd digital clamp multimeter. Clamp for table. Milling vise. Clamp 40323. 120*350*25mm. 45mm x 32mm. 

Clip Current

Digital volt meter voltage. Peakmeter my68. 4 digit 50a ammeter. 6.5inch. 22 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm. 1*9v 6f22 battery( no included )Ac current: 20/200a +-(2.0%+5) 1000a +-(2.0% +7). 0nf/400nf/4μf/40μf/100μf. Refer to the spec. 24 x 300. Ncv for ac voltage detection function : ..see descripyion. 1 year. 

Multi Meter Clamp

40m/400m/4/40/400a/600a. Ms5209. Kbpc5010 1000v. Cheap current clamp. Digital multimeter. 4a/40a/400a/600a+/-(3.0%+10)175x 60x 33.5. Ac current 60a/600a/1000a +/-(2.5%+8). 2 times/second. Clamp meter current. Tester dc. See d. 2002pa. Amp digital. Wholesale harmonic distortions. Ac current  40a/400a. Low battery indicatuib: 6/60/60o/loooa. Resistance 250 ohm. 3600 ohms. 

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