Sequin 6mm PVC Flat Round Loose Sequins Paillettes Sewing Wedding Crafts Women DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser 25g

swimwear large size, eyeshadow glitter

Bulk Sequins

Useful: 3d sewing on patch: Girls shoes silver. Ab yellow color. 6mm flat. Beige. Orange women shoe. About 2500 piece. Ribbon bow. Solid white. 10mm fold matte light pink. Pr-s0003. Cushion cover. 048015053Decoration flamingo. 3*4mm  heart sequins. Brown weddings. Solid pink mix designs. 

Palm Tree Craft

2/4mm ring dot sequins. Girls boys. A7-lu60. Girls shoes with decoration. Wholesale 12cmx17cm bags. 8mm cup plum red. Laser centering. 20mm  bell. 5mm champagne color. Clear bags crafts. Hx-1801263, hx-1801264. Approx 10mm. Laser sequins paillettes. 4mm dot ab transparent. Anti-knock,dirt-resistant. Motifs sequin. 

Scrapbook Blue Pink

5mm snowflake ab light blue. 15 colors for option. Girl hairband. 3mm-4mm. Clothes with sequins. Dk purple. Sarahbridal sequins. 13 kinds. 8*15mm halloween sequins. Embroidery. B47916

Yarn Paillette

Characters: 4mm/5*5mm and 7*7mm. The diameter is 15mm. Black matte cup. Fuchsia shoe. Types of bags: Fluorescent green. 15*15mm. Sequin mixed. Chiffon. Seasons: Girls t shirts x702615. Dress white. Rutigefu. Silver color 4#. Ribbon satin 6mm. 0.1mm. Xx-p-019. 

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