ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt Ampere Meter

puhui digital, Wholesale earth grounding resistance tester

4 Digital Multimeter

Etcr068b. 10khz(-3db). Ac: 45hz-400hz. Clamp leakage current meter. Zero w. Sample rate : Dc voltage 400mv/4v/40v/400v 600v. Automatic adjustable. Wholesale 0   30v. 10nf/100nf/1000nf. Dc voltage: : Lcd maximum display value: 4nf/40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/400uf/. 0.1% to 99.99%. Acetylen. 

12 Volt 4 Amp Transformer

Fluke 317. Earth resistance meter. Ut201. 100ma/30a/300a/3000a. Low auto ratesSmart auto range:Ms-2108. Data hold. 20c-1000c. -20 - 10000c. Volt meter voltmeter. Hold peak. Seoul y19. Maximum count: : Acv, aca, resistance, freq, continuity. Ph soil. 

Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Ac

Occasion: 20uf 1000v. Ac/dc volts, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, watts, continuity. True rms multimeter clamp. 9.999nf/99.99nf/999.9nf/9.999μf/99.99μf/999.9μf/9.999mf/99.99mf. Cs8508e 8w. 25*12*8. 10ma~400a / 400a~600a. Smart rail. 170x61x27mm. Fluke clamp meter 365. Frequency (vac): 0.1v~600v (1.0%+5). 

Digital Dmm

Multimetr meter. 0.01-1200ohm. Volt amp tester. Clamp ratchet. 0.1 to 40mohm. 160 x 55 x 22mm. 600n/6u/60u/600u/1000uf. Ac voltage range: 65 digit multimeter. Dual-display auto range multimeter. Keyword 3: 2ma/20ma/60a. 10-50. 

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